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Week 1

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what creative leadership means to me, but I have a few ideas. Creative leadership means taking a path outside of the traditional (western) idea of power and success. It means being more thoughtful and inclusive, seeking out different perspectives and being open to varying opinions. In the US, we’re taught that leadership is about taking charge, being responsible for the wellbeing of your followers, and maintaining an outer persona that stays true to your message. It’s less about why you are taking a leading role and more about how you are perceived by the public. I think that creative leadership isn’t about a shining image of a superhuman leader who never tires and never makes mistakes. It’s about working with people, encouraging them to think for themselves and question why they are doing what they do, building them up to contribute to the cause because it’s what they want to do instead of blindly following. Creative leaders have the ability to find ways to explain their cause to people from all backgrounds, understanding what their audience values instead of pushing their own values upon the masses. When focusing on sustainability, creative leaders are able to talk to people who are anti-environmentalism and find ways to break down their opposition to the cause without being condescending or pushy. Creative leaders can see where there is a problem and find the resources and people to help solve it. They can inspire people to create change and become leaders in their own fields. Creative leaders learn from the world around them and respect the views and knowledge of older, wiser people as well as children. They aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo or disrupt systems that have been in place- but broken- for years. They can admit when they are wrong and allow others room to grow as well, instead of dismissing someone before they have time to learn. They actively un-learn negative beliefs and behaviors that have been ingrained in society and elevate people who tend to go unheard or unrecognized. They stay true to what they know if right, even if the government and/or laws say otherwise. They take time to be quiet and listen, to take a step back and see the bigger picture. They make sure to take care of themselves as much as others and are able to share their workload instead of trying to do everything on their own.

It’s a bit stream-of-consciousness, but so far, this is my idea of creative leadership.

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